Want to strengthen your voice?

J.P. can help. Drawing on over twenty years of professional singing experience, performing in a wide range of popular styles, J.P. offers vocal coaching to singers of all ages and experience levels. Improve your range, ease vocal strain, expand your stylistic toolbox, and become a more confident and consistent performer. With skype-based lessons, you don't even need to leave the house to begin improving your voice.



J.P. is a spectacular voice coach. It’s rare to find someone who is not only an incredibly talented singer, but also a wonderful instructor. J.P. does a terrific job of teaching vocal technique and providing a solid foundation to open up the voice – all while remaining consistently positive in his motivation and encouragement. My confidence as a singer improved tremendously under J.P.’s instruction, and I would highly recommend J.P. to anyone looking for superior vocal training.
— Grace Hsieh, fromer student

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